How to pitch me: Before reaching out, familiarize yourself with Jacobin’s political perspective and article style. You should be able to explain why your piece is a good fit for Jacobin.

My email address is meagan [dot] day [at] jacobinmag [dot] com. Title your email “Pitch: [Brief description of your article].”

Introduce yourself, including past publication history and relevant affiliations or qualifications. If you've already written a draft, attach it and write one or two sentences about it. If you haven't yet written a draft, write one or two short paragraphs about the proposed article, including a target word count.

Ideas should be clear and concrete. Simpler is better. Ideal pieces will make one strong point that can be accurately summarized in a single declarative sentence. (The article itself will contain plenty of room for nuance and supporting arguments.) Try to articulate your article's thesis in the subject line of your email. If this is difficult, revisit and refine your idea.

Finally, be patient as I work through my inbox. In the meantime, if your piece has been accepted elsewhere or you would like to withdraw it from consideration, please let me know.