​​​​meagan day is a staff writer at jacobin magazine. she's also a freelance writer who focuses on politics, history and the economy. her debut nonfiction book maximum sunlight is available from e.m. wolfman, and was excerpted in the best american nonrequired reading 2017. her work has also appeared in the baffler, in these times, mother jones, the week, n+1, the new inquiry, the ​believer, timeline, full stop and elsewhere.

selected clips

the shark and the hound. the baffler. december 2017.

we didn't start the fire. jacobin. december 2017.

the postal banking solution.
jacobin. november 2017.

luxury socialized medicine. jacobin. november 2017.

meet lee carter, the democratic socialist who unseated the virginia house majority whip. jacobin. november 2017.

how socialists can fight for single payer. jacobin. august 2017.

jonathan chait is wrong: neoliberalism is real and fundamentally opposed to left principles. in these times. july 2017.

democrats should stop obsessing over third-party voters and start obsessing over non-voters. the week. june 2017.

public banking: why are cities talking about socializing the finance sector?
mother jones. march 2017.

workers allege violations at franchises of the company run by donald trump's labor secretary nominee. mother jones. february 2017.

the brutal (and fact-checked) numbers on killing obamacare. mother jones. january 2017.

after ghost ship fire, tupac's old lawyer is helping artists fight eviction. mother jones. december 2016.

stuff out there that isn't there: esoterica in the great basin. the towner. december 2016.

welcome to hayden lake: the rise and fall of a white supremacist rural paradise. timeline. november 2016.

sex and the SCOTUS: a four-part series
. timeline. october 2016.

meet the ishmaels: america's 'worst' family (according to eugenicists)
. timeline. october 2016.

the history of the tulsa race massacre that destroyed america's wealthiest black neighborhood
. timeline. september 2016.

bear, bolshevik, buffoon, spy: the american tradition of fearing russia
. timeline. august 2016.

​for more than 100 years, soma has been home for the homeless
. timeline. june 2016. (featured by san francisco chronicle, named by san francisco department of homelessness and supportive housing as a top 10 story from the sf homelessness project's day of media coverage, in which 70+ media organizations participated.)

radical homophobia: orlando is part of a long lineage of attacks on gay bars. timeline. june 2016.

free money for a living: a 500-year-old idea that's having a moment. timeline. june 2016.

the modern nra wouldn't exist without america's 1970s serial killer fascination. timeline. may 2016.

after stonewall and before aids, there were san francisco's white night riots. timeline. april 2016.

once sexy, now obsolete? the decline of american trucker culture
. timeline. april 2016.

liberals tried to create a fairer prison system with mandatory minimums. here’s how it backfired. timeline. march 2016. 

during the first mass school shooting, armed students fired back. timeline. february 2016.

the koch family’s nazi ties are more entrenched than you think. timeline. january 2016.

concerning absolute violence. n+1. july 2015.

boom and rust. the new inquiry. november 2014.

waiting in istanbul. n+1. june 2014. 

review: the people's platform. author: astra taylor. full stop. may 2014.

lone star fictions. full stop. december 2013.

interview: veronica gonzalez peña. full stop. september 2013.

a fisher king in the white house. full stop. july 2013.

when didion nailed reagan. salon. july 2013.

we built this city: detropia and cruel optimism. full stop. march 2013.

notes on the firebombing of the freedom press bookshop. full stop. february 2013.

intellectual infection: a conversation about donna haraway. full stop. december 2012.

amber, archers, cinnamon, horses and birds. full stop. november 2012.

review: summer of hate. author: chris kraus. full stop. september 2012.