​​​​Meagan Day is a staff writer at Jacobin magazine. Her articles have also appeared in The New York Times, The Guardian, Vox, Mother Jones, and elsewhere. She is the co-author with Micah Uetricht of Bigger than Bernie: How We Go From the Sanders Campaign to Democratic Socialism (Verso, April 2020).

Selected clips, updated on a rolling basis:

Show Us the Money. Facing pressure from the Left, Democratic presidential candidates are forgoing corporate PAC money. But in private, they’re still cozying up to capitalist supervillains. Jacobin. April 2019.

Red for Higher Ed. Tens of thousands of University of California workers are on strike today. Their message is clear: austerity and privatization are destroying education. Jacobin. March 2019.

Unlike Some People, Bernie Hasn’t “Evolved”. In the seventies, Bernie Sanders called for nationalizing major industries, a stance the media want to frame as a gaffe. But it only shows how consistent he’s been in fighting predatory elites — in stark contrast to the other Democratic candidates. Jacobin. March 2019.

The Hidden Billionaires. Media-friendly, politically moderate billionaires like Bill Gates get a lot of airtime. But the vast majority are nothing like him. Most are highly secretive — and extremely right-wing. Jacobin. March 2019.

Bernie Sanders Wants You to Fight. When Bernie Sanders says “It’s not about me, it’s about us,” he’s not just pandering. He’s trying to create a mass movement — because he knows that without one, his agenda doesn’t stand a chance. Jacobin. March 2019.

Fox News’s Incredible “Socialism” Self-Own. Once upon a time, socialism meant breadlines and tyranny to many Americans. Then Fox News came along and made it sound amazing. Jacobin. March 2019.

Among the Brooklyn Bernie Bros. Whatever the media depiction, Bernie Sanders’s first presidential campaign rally was attended by large numbers of women and people of color. We talked to some of them about why they support Bernie. Jacobin. March 2019. 

Wielding the Imperial Presidency. Within the existing Constitutional framework, what could a future left-wing president do if they had a popular mandate, but faced a hostile Congress? Jacobin (print). February 2019.

Tribunes for Socialism: Reflections on DSA and Electoral Politics. Meagan Day describes the rapid growth of the Democratic Socialists of America and puts forward an electoral strategy for the socialist movement. Verso. February 2019.

Bernie Is Running, Thank God. Bernie Sanders is running for president again. His message is simple: there's a class war raging and working people need to win it. Jacobin. February 2019.

The “Skills Gap” Was a Lie. For years, capitalists and their journalistic mouthpieces blamed joblessness on a skills gap. But there wasn’t a skills gap. There was a gap between what society owes people and what it’s willing to offer them at the expense of corporate profits. Jacobin. February 2019.

Trump Is Right to Be Afraid of Socialism. Trump warned the nation about the rise of socialism last night. He's right to be afraid. Working people shouldn't be. Jacobin. February 2019.

Capitalism’s Mob Mentality. Capitalists are gangsters engaged in an elaborate protection racket. The only way to get them to back off: socialism. Jacobin. February 2019.

Friendly Fyre. We’re fascinated by the grand scam that was the Fyre Festival not because such blatant ripoffs never happen under capitalism, but because for once the wealthy were getting screwed along with workers. Jacobin. February 2019.

LA's teachers can teach the working class about the power of labor strikes. Organizing to bring work to a halt fundamentally shifts the balance of power and transforms workers into a force to be reckoned with. The Guardian. January 2019.

Bernie Against the Billionaires. Bernie Sanders is right to want to hike the estate tax — there’s no reason for billionaires to exist, and there’s definitely no reason to allow their failsons to inherit their fortunes. Jacobin. January 2019.

Cancerous Growth. The US cancer mortality rate is finally falling. But the gap in outcomes between the rich and the poor is actually widening — another reason why we need Medicare for All. Jacobin. January 2019.

A Mighty Wind. Democrats are endorsing striking teachers. That doesn’t mean the party’s abandoning its education agenda, but it does mean that the working class is making itself harder to ignore. Jacobin. January 2019.

You Don’t Want Hygge. You Want Social Democracy. Hygge has exploded as a cozy, comforting interior design trend. But the security and intimacy it evokes can't be achieved by scented candles alone — that requires social democracy. Jacobin. December 2018.

Bernie’s Plan for Racial Justice. The micro-scandals alleging that Bernie Sanders doesn’t take racism seriously won't end any time soon. We should call them what they are: cynical attacks on a politician whose commitment to racial justice is intertwined with fighting economic inequality. Jacobin. December 2018.

The Fund for Needy Millionaires. Think government benefits all go to the poor? Think again — here are five ways Washington shovels billions in public money to the superrich. Jacobin. December 2018.

Unfortunately, We Can’t Log Off. Social media sucks — but it might just be the best propaganda tool socialists have ever had. That's why we can't log off. Jacobin. December 2018.

In Mansions and Benzes. Ten years after the financial crisis, we see how life is treating some of our favorite Wall Street villains. Jacobin (print). November 2018.

The Gospel According to Mark Fisher. A new collection of the late critic Mark Fisher’s essays imparts three vital lessons: society exists, capitalism is not forever, and the Left must fight to win. Jacobin. November 2018.

We Can Have Beautiful Public Housing. From Vienna to Chile, the success of social housing for the working and middle classes shows how beautiful homes can coexist with urban housing for all. Jacobin. November 2018.

The Midterms’ Winners, Losers, and Double-Losers. By running to the right, Democrats insist on losing twice: at the polls and in constructing an inspiring agenda. Bold left-wing politics are our only hope for long-term, substantive victory. Jacobin. November 2018.

The Struggle For Rent Control. In California’s fight over Proposition 10, it’s Wall Street versus the working class. Jacobin. November 2018.

Lyft Is Not Your Friend. Lyft is the latest brand trying to build market share by posing as a “progressive” corporation. But the fight can’t be good corporations against bad ones — it's working people against capitalism. Jacobin. October 2018.

Ending Economic Conscription. How can we take on the American military machine? By starving it of recruits and building up the civilian welfare state. Jacobin. October 2018.

Billionaire Bureaucrats. There are many subtleties to capitalist domination over the state. When the mega-rich literally assume office, those subtleties go out the window. Jacobin. October 2018.

Bernie's New Internationalist Vision. Right-wing populism is advancing across the world. Bernie Sanders wants to fight back. Jacobin. October 2018.

Austerity By Paperwork. Complicated eligibility requirements are meant to undermine social programs. Arkansas just proved how well they work with its new Medicaid rules. Jacobin. October 2018.

The Banality of Brett Kavanaugh. The guys like Brett Kavanaugh who run the show have no special qualities or insights that should oblige us to put up with their bullshit. They would hate for us to realize that. Jacobin. September 2018.

Friends in High Places. When the state offers unions a seat at the table, it can make their members politically passive. Is the trade-off worth it? Jacobin. September 2018.

Segregation Is Back — And It's Profitable. Capitalism has ushered in a new era of racial segregation in the Bay Area. To change course, we need to fight the economic exploitation that’s driving it. Jacobin. September 2018.

Why Socialists Should Care About Felon Voting Laws. Universal suffrage has been a central objective for socialists from the start. We still have plenty of work left to do. Jacobin. September 2018.

The Shocking Attack On Teacher Pay. Working three jobs, renting out their homes: decades of regressive tax cuts have driven the teacher wage penalty to record levels — and are forcing educators to take desperate measures. Jacobin. September 2018.

Emperor Musk. The disappearance of kings and emperors didn’t end domination by powerful individuals — capitalism just transformed it. Julius Caesar has given way to Elon Musk. Jacobin. September 2018.

The Graying Of Bankruptcy. For decades, capitalists have held down wages and cut social programs. Now the chickens have come home to roost: older Americans are going bankrupt at record rates. Jacobin. Sepember 2018.

Welfare, But For CEOs. A new report shows how the United States is lining corporate executives’ pockets with tax dollars. Jacobin. August 2018.

Medicare for All and Free College Tuition Are Wildly Popular Policies. New polling shows that socialists' demands like Medicare for All and free college tuition are overwhelmingly popular. We can’t stop now. Jacobin. August 2018.

Why Doctors Are Warming to Medicare for All. Burnout, cynicism, and endless insurance red tape. As America’s private health care system crumbles, doctors are waking up to the need for Medicare for All. Jacobin. August 2018.

The Spoils of War. Participation trophies are actually good — give one to every child. Jacobin (print). August 2018.

The Case for a State-Owned Bank. Regulating finance won’t cut it. To combat predatory lending, we need a fully public, state-owned bank. Jacobin. August 2018.

Beyond Kinder, Gentler Capitalism. Elizabeth Warren wants to rein in capitalism's excesses. But when those excesses are baked into the system, we can't rein them in — we have to scrap the whole thing. Jacobin. August 2018.

A Blueprint for Calling the Question. Politicians are paying attention to socialists these days. We should compel candidates to adopt pro-worker laws, pick fights with business, and talk openly about class conflict. Jacobin. August 2018. 

Why America Needs Medicare for All. It’s the only way to achieve universal, affordable and high-quality health insurance. The New York Times. August 2018.

Think the Constitution Will Save Us? Think Again. The subversion of democracy was the explicit intent of the framers. The New York Times. August 2018.

Why You Should Care About Unions. (Even if you're not in one.) The New York Times. August 2018.

Fighting Bannonism at Home and Abroad. Steve Bannon’s anti-immigrant agenda is still unpopular at home. But that could change if we’re not careful. The New York Times. August 2018.

‘Modern Day Debtors’ Prisons’. ​The time has come to end cash bail, a major factor in inequality in the court system.The New York Times. August 2018.

Who’s Endangering the Endangered Species Act? The capitalist drive for profit is posing a looming threat to a landmark environmental law. Jacobin. July 2018.

The Return of the Super-Elite. New research reveals inequality levels not seen in a century — and it shows where these new super-elites live, too. Jacobin. July 2018.

CEOs vs. Workers. ​Bernie Sanders's town hall on Monday delivered a radical message: workers are getting screwed, and the capitalist class is to blame. Jacobin. July 2018.

Capitalism Is Ruining Science. Creeping marketization has created perverse incentives for researchers — threatening the wholesale corruption of science itself. Jacobin. July 2018.

Choose wisely. Employers love high-deductible insurance plans. They’re designed to deter patients from seeking care — and they work. Jacobin. July 2018.

The Age of Teenage Anxiety. Being a teenager under neoliberalism can be hazardous to your mental health. Here are three ideas to make life as a teen a little less overwhelming. Jacobin. June 2018.

The Feeble Strength of One. The Supreme Court has handed bosses a license to divide workers and break the law. Jacobin. May 2018.

The Myth of the Temporarily Embarrassed Millionaire. ​A new book dismantles the myth of a class-blind public. Jacobin. May 2018.

When Ramparts Reigned. ​How Ramparts went from Catholic literary magazine to the vanguard of the New Left. Jacobin (print). May 2018.

A Line in the Sand. ​Bernie Sanders’ Workplace Democracy Act promises a fundamental shift of power toward working people. Jacobin. May 2018.

UC Workers on Strike. They’re fighting against austerity and privatization — and for the very idea of public institutions. Jacobin. May 2018.

A Field Guide to the New Red-Baiting. Faced with a historic public-sector strike wave, anti-labor forces are sharpening their rhetorical weapons. Jacobin. May 2018.

There’s Always Another Crisis. Why the Left needs to start preparing for the next recession now. Jacobin. May 2018.​

Quitting Cold Turkey. Drug trials run by pharmaceutical companies are a disaster for public health. Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Jacobin. April 2018.

The Conference Room Is Replacing the Courtroom. Workers are increasingly being blocked from suing abusive bosses. Welcome to the rigged world of “mandatory arbitration.” Jacobin. April 2018.

The Bankers’ Coup. The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is the only federal agency that protects ordinary people from Wall Street. That’s why it’s being dismantled. Jacobin. April 2018.

“It Was About the Insurance Fix” West Virginia teachers are engaged in an inspiring illegal strike. They’re also showing why we desperately need Medicare for All. Jacobin. March 2018. 

The Latest Health Care Racket. A saline shortage in hospitals shows how shameless corporations are holding our health care system hostage. Jacobin. March 2018. 

Suddenly, the Unemployable Are Finding Jobs. With a tightening labor market, CEOs are chasing after the same workers they once derided as unemployable. Jacobin. March 2018. 

Working Hard, Hardly Working. A new report shows Americans are working longer hours — even as millions can’t find jobs at all. Jacobin. March 2018. 

The Fraud and the Four-Hour Workweek. Self-help millionaire Tim Ferriss is a fraud. But his success says a lot about modern capitalism and its discontents. Jacobin. March 2018. 

From Day Care Centers to Prisons. In the 1960s, America discovered the problem of child abuse. But instead of universal childcare, we got prisons. Jacobin. February 2018.

Ending the Amazon Hunger Games. Luring corporations like Amazon with hefty tax breaks impoverishes cities and starves public services. We should put an end to it once and for all. Jacobin. February 2018.

Under Neoliberalism, You Can Be Your Own Tyrannical Boss. A new study finds an alarming rise in a novel form of psychological distress. Call it “neoliberal perfectionism.” Jacobin. January 2018. 

A Recession-Era Economic Myth Goes Up In Smoke. For years, the media was filled with stories about jobs going unfilled due to a lack of qualified workers. Now we know how wrong they were. Jacobin. January 2018. 

New York’s Property Tax Is Theft. Under New York City’s byzantine property tax system, billionaires pay lower rates than bus drivers. Jacobin. January 2018. 

Targeted Social Programs Make Easy Targets. Trump’s assault on Medicaid highlights the cancer at the heart of the US welfare state: means-testing. Jacobin. January 2018. 

The Bureaucratic Nightmare of Incrementalism. America’s patchwork system of social services makes it hard to care for ourselves. Jacobin. January 2018. 

You Can’t Trust Capitalists. Some CEOs are endorsing Medicare for All. For socialists, that could be a trap. Jacobin. January 2018. 

The Shark and the Hound. The Baffler (print). America’s long history of predatory lending. December 2017.

The Christmas Paradox. Once a year, the rich decide that “the undeserving poor” need help after all. Jacobin. December 2017.

Beyond the Liberal Voting Rights Agenda. We should expand voting rights to advance democracy — not just the Democratic Party. Jacobin. December 2017.

The “Death Tax” Cargo Cult. With its assault on the estate tax, the GOP is demonstrating that it’s not even under the thumb of the 1 percent, but the 0.2 percent. Jacobin. December 2017.

We Didn’t Start the Fire. Class conflict isn’t something we choose to engage in. It’s just how capitalism works. Jacobin. December 2017.

Luxury Socialized Medicine. Forget rationing and waiting lists. Socialized medicine delivers comforts and convenience that Americans can only dream about. Jacobin. November 2017.

How Socialists Can Fight for Single Payer. Socialists have played a key role in the fight for single payer in California. Their campaign has lessons for organizers everywhere. Jacobin. August 2017.

Jonathan Chait Is Wrong: Neoliberalism Is Real and Fundamentally Opposed to Left Principles. Neoliberalism stands in direct conflict with socialism. We must name it so we can overcome it. In These Times. July 2017.

Democrats are still obsessed with Jill Stein. They should start obsessing over nonvoters instead. The Week. June 2017.

Donald Trump Wants to Gut Protections for Bank Customers. Here’s How to Fight Back.
 Call it the "public option." Mother Jones. March 2017.

Workers Allege Violations at Franchises of the Company Run by Donald Trump’s Labor Nominee. Fast-food employees have little appetite for Andrew Puzder. Mother Jones. February 2017.

The Brutal (and Fact-Checked) Numbers on Killing Obamacare. More than 23 million people could lose coverage. And the superrich will get a $197,000 tax cut. Mother Jones. January 2017.

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